I’m Reece, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and the founder of Lede Creative, through which I serve small companies with brand storytelling and marketing.

I love stories. Life’s rich experiences — joyful, painful, and everywhere in between — have shaped my love for telling them.

Each story I’ve been gifted to tell is different. The characters, climes, and contexts vary. Some come from service — making photos and stories of fellow U.S. Marines while deployed together to Afghanistan. Others are incredibly personal — sharing our family journey through my wife Krissy’s battle against brain cancer.

As I neared my transition from the Marines in 2017, I came to a crux. How would I carry my love for storytelling, the craft I learned as a Marine writer, photographer, and marketer, into my work?

Clarity came by way of my roots. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Between my parents and four siblings, we own and operate 7 small companies. Likewise, our extended family is filled with service-focused entrepreneurs. As a young man growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I learned the importance of organizations like these for our families, friends, communities, and country.

After spending 8 years away as a Marine and returning home with my own family, life experience, and a desire to continue serving others, I embraced my heritage by venturing out on my own. Through Lede Creative, I create, cultivate, and communicate brand stories for small companies.

This context I’ve shared is about me. As for you, the small company owner or leader: you have deep knowledge and experience in business and/or your industry. You also have a full plate. Time is limited and you know it’s best focused on what you do well — and this may not include crafting a brand story or marketing campaign. Without the time, desire, or capacity to tackle this, you need help from a partner who understands your pain and helps lessen it.

I love stories — and helping small companies tell them. Let’s craft yours.